Writing for the screen is Lucinda's first passion. Her documentary work fueled a greater passion for adapting true stories for the fiction/narrative world proving her talent for molding true stories into satisfying cinema.  An ongoing creative evolution led Lucinda to also write original screenplays. Comedy and Drama. A thriller or two.

Here are some of her projects. If they are adaptations she holds the story rights and is more than likely looking for financing and producing partners. 

"Tell me a fact and I'll learn. Tell me a truth and I will believe, but tell me a story and it will live in my heart forever." Native American saying.


Me & Jezebel

Bette Davis moves in with her biggest fan, Liz Fuller, while fleeing paparazzi after the release of her daughter’s tell all memoir. The Fuller family face the ultimate test, when two days turn into a month and suburban Connecticut in 1985 will never be the same. A true story.

Spec: Comedy (1980s)



THIRD PLACE in National Screenwriters’ Day 2018

SEMIFINALIST Screencraft Comedy Competition

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To CatCH The Sunlight

After the British Airship R101 crashes in 1930 killing most on board a widow teams up with a psychic medium to uncover the cause of the crash. Pitted against an unconvincing Court of Inquiry and with guidance from beyond the grave they uncover damning evidence revealing a Government conspiracy and the true villain. They also discover that life and love can exist after death.

True Story

Spec: Period Drama (1930s)


Journey of a Shaman

John Norseman overcomes an abusive and traumatic childhood to become the self-made CEO of four major companies but when he finds his successful life empty he faces a personal reckoning and gives everything up to take a spiritual path. His journey of a shaman takes him across several countries to find love and enlightenment, but he must face tragedy and loss once again before he can understand the truth of the shaman: that we are all one.

A True Story.

Spec: Drama (Contemporary)

Based on the nonfiction book of the same title by John Norseman and published by Balboa press, a publishing branch of Hay House.

Prerogative of Mercy

Lois, a social justice warrior, fights for the lives of two men facing the death penalty for the murder of the Governor in a British colony rife with racial inequalities. At odds with UK policy, the decision to hang the man sparks riots which will forever change the social fabric.

A True Story

Spec: Political Thriller (1970s)

(Based on the nonfiction book, Island Flames, by Jonathan Smith)