Lucinda is a writer, everything she undertakes in any medium is storytelling.  She has a blog: www.derelictmom.com. She has also written a serious nonfiction book, and short stories in a variety of genres. One day she will write that memoir, one day she will write that novel.

"Sell your cleverness and purchase bewilderment" - Rumi


An irreverent mom blog.

In an attempt to have it all, an extremely average woman takes on the impossible: working and having a baby at the same time, and she falls flat on her face, trailing a breast pump, two vicious miniature dachshunds and the snickering audience of an extended family in what amounts to a hilarious, honest and touching account of the colossal belly flop, which was the first years of her daughter's life.


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Out of the Ashes: The Story of Butterfield & Company.

400 pgs.

The story of Butterfield & Company on the surface is the record of building a successful wholesale food business in a small competitive marketplace. Beneath the surface it is the tale of generations of Butterfields, each one enterprising, each one facing challenges particular to their era: a fire, major acquisitions, forays into other businesses, the great recession and the new frontier of technology.  It is a sum of a company and the people involved, and for an audience it is like looking through a keyhole into a family company that has defied the odds to stand the test of time.

The Stories we tell:

 Anthology of science fiction, fantasy and horror

My speculative fiction short story "The Story She Tells," is included in this 2017 anthology.



My short memoir, "A Real Mother" is included in this anthology, published in 2014.